Our Company

Functional Products SA is a company created in 2000 by Argentinian growers who resumed the large-scale cultivation of chia seed under the supervision of the University of Arizona (U.S.A.).

The company has reached high-quality standards of the seed and of the selection methods, only by natural means.



EQUINEXIA(TM) is marketed by a dedicated commercial office based in Santiago, Chile.  Your contact is Mr. Alain Kaczorowski, a belgian business engineer with more than six years of experience in the Omega-3 market and creator of Benexia, the chia seed for human nutritional supplement.  He has also a unique experience with the Columbus Concept developed by Belovo and Columbus Paradigm Institute in Belgium.  The Columbus Concept seeks the balance between Omega-3 and Omega-6 in food, and among others, in meat to recreate the nutritional contents of the wild-type game in industrial meat.  Although Mr. Kaczorowski is not an expert in horses or animal nutrition, his role is to bring the necessary knowledge on chia seed and Omega-3 balanced feed to the specialists.