Wild-type feed for maximum performance

During millions of years, the mammals which found their feed in the wild have developed their genetics based on a balanced intake of Omega-6 and Omega-3 essential fatty acids.  The addition of fat and processed feed altered this natural equilibrium in favour of the Omega-6 fatty acids, while reducing the Omega-3 fatty acids to a small portion.  The gene expression can be optimized with a balanced amount of the two Essential Fatty Acids in the tissues..  This is a very good reason to know Equinexia(TM).

EQUINEXIA (TM) is a feed supplement based on a seed called Chía or Salvia Hispanica L., already known as one of the best plant-sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.  The seed is grown in Bolivia and Argentina under the supervision of Functional Products SA, the company of growers who resumed the large-scale cultivation of this ancient crop almost 15 years ago.


What distinguishes our product from the rest is our dedicated service to equine farms and professionals.  EQUINEXIA (TM) is a feed-grade, hazard-free pure chia seed based supplement which can be shipped anywhere in the world by sea or by air, directly from origin.

Our service includes logistics, warehousing at destination, scheduling of deliveries.


We also manufacture feed supplement according to your demand in order to secure your supply.  Most of growers and traders make spot sales when it comes to feed, giving priority to human food supplement, however, we understand the equine business as a passion for fine horses, where every detail is important.  This is why our name says it all.